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This course is designed to provide a broad foundation of baking and pastry theory and practical training necessary for success in the foodservice industry. Students will learn the art of creating exquisite baked products, pastries, and confections, from traditional bread baking to masterful showpieces fit for the most elegant dessert finales imaginable.

Course Outline

  • Safety, Health and Hygiene Practice
  • Sweet Savory Filing Preparations
  • Doughnut Preparation
  • Bun Preparation
  • Pizza Preparation
  • Muffin Preparation
  • Bread Preparation
  • Puff Preparation
  • Croissant Preparation
  • Danish Pastry Preparation
  • Bakery Product Innovation
  • Batter and Dough Preparation
  • Filling and Cream Preparation
  • Pudding Preparation
  • Cookies Preparation
  • Cakes Preparation
  • Mirror Glaze Preparation
  • French Patisserie Product
  • Soft and Hard Roll Preparation
  • Confectionery Preparation
  • Frozen Desserts Items Preparation
  • Chocolate Product Preparation
  • Special Pastry Product Preparation
  • Bakery & Pastry Product & Material Handling
  • Bakery & Pastry Product Stock Control
  • Bakery & Pastry Product Costing
  • Barista Course

Course Details

Entry Requirements

Malaysian and 16 years old and above


12 months (including 3 months industrial training)